Bumping Lake?


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Hi folks,
I'll be spending the week of the 4th at Bumping Lake Campground with family. I know that the lake is stocked with fingerling rainbows and has kokanee (and bull trout). Any words of advice for this specific lake? Any hope for catching kokanee on the fly? Full-sinking line? [I actually did catch a kokanee on a royal coachman while fishing Mountain Lake, Orcas Island, 25+ years ago. But let's put that in the fluke category.] I've fished the Bumping and Naches Rivers in the past and will probably organize an expedition there for a day or two. But with the lake right there, it seems like a great opportunity.



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Everytime i go there, the wind is moving pretty good. The power boats are out in full force if the weather is nice. I don't have any fishing advice since i didn't go too far past the boat launch and the couple inlets on the right hand side with no luck in getting a fish to strike. Good luck.


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bumping lake can be fun. for trout the best bet is to go up to the top where the inlet of the river is. ive tried for koke's there on the fly but never got any. i rowed my pontoon across that entire lake one day and caught 2 bull trout and a rainbow on a small streamer. if you got any more Q's about the area feel free to PM.