New Pram Delivered

I have a boat building business that I don't talk about much on WWF out of respect for those builders who pay for advertising, but I just delivered a 10' Pram to forum member jakesmylab who lives in Portland. I'm proud of the way it turned out and want to show it off a bit. The design spec was a primarily stillwater boat that would also have some river capability. The way it turned out I think it should be equally capable in both fisheries.

It's made of hydrotech plywood with two layers of 6oz fiberglass overlay. The bottom has an additional 4 coats of epoxy/graphite and the interior floor is a truck bed liner material. The seats and trim are flame grain Mahogany and the rub rails are Oak.

IMG_2675 - Copy.JPG

Beautiful boat Patrick!
Love the wood ones!

Would you mind sharing the approximate weight of the boat?
It's a big 10 footer Greg. I don't have the equipment to weigh it, but two guys can pick it up and load it. We estimate somewhere around 150. A small trailer would make launching/loading much easier for one person.
This beautiful boat is currently sitting in my garage. I've already gone out to look at it twice since getting home from work. Pictures just don't do this boat justice. Before the build, Patrick and I talked about my wants and needs out of a boat. He had an idea of what he wanted to build and it didn't take long to convince me that I wanted him to build it for me. I had some general ideas as to what it would look like when finished and got to watch the build as it progressed. The end result exceeded all expectations that I had. Patrick definitely knows how to build a boat. I cannot wait get it on the water. As for the weight, I'll take it to work on Friday and throw it on a scale.


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That is too nice a boat to be putting on Matoon!

Nice ride but you better get you an oar stopper for that left oar.