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If you could only have six flies to fish at Pass Lake (or other westside low-land lakes), what flies would be in your box?
I'll make this even harder: How about three winter flies and three spring/summer flies....


Jay Allyn

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1. Cone-Headed or Bead-Headed Olive Wooly Bugger size 10-6
2. CH or BH Black Wooly Bugger size 10-6
3. BH Chronomid(sp) Red w/ white bead size 22-18
4. BH Chronomid(sp) Black w/white bead size 22-18
5. Chronomid Patterns red/black/olive/white/red-brown size 22-18
6. Muddler Minnow size 10-6
7. Midge Emerger red/white/black size 22-18
8. Mayfly Immitation size 18-12
9. Peacock Carrey size 8-6
10. Golden Stone or Stimulater 12-8

These would be my choices for lake fishing here. Numer 10 is a little out of place buy that is for a reason. I have found that in shallower lakes late in the season durring the evening you can get trout to attack a skated (fast retrive or trolled) fly. You need to fly to be going fast enough to create a wake. I caught my largest washington trout last September doing this at a small local lake. It was 19 inches. This method is not unlike skating flies for steelhead except this is a lake. You could also use a small Muddler Minnow; say sizes 12-10. Be sure to spry the fly with floatent.


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For a winter stillwater fly, my number one fly is the marabou leech. Very easy to tie. My favorite hook is a 4XL in size 10 or smaller. Just tear off clumps of marabou barbs the size of a w-bugger tail and start tying in at the front of the hook bend, moving towards the eye. Mixing colors like brown, olive, black, and wine/burgundy seems to work best, especially if the color at the head of the leech is brown. Just alternate the colors in a manner that either contrasts or blends. Thread color probably ought to be wine, as it blends best with the other colors. Once wet, the fly will get nice and skinny and undulate in a food-sexy manner. This fly kept me from walking away from my first time there a Pass Lake virgin. I don't recall who it was, but the witness to my first fish there said, "You haven't been here long enough to deserve a fish."

In spring, I like going with a tinsel-ribbed, black schlappen hackle and marabou tail, olive-bodied woolley bugger. This is my main searching fly. I still need to experiment with the tinsel color (gold or silver), though. I think this is an issue when it comes to lighting conditions.

Also, one dares not go without an arsenal of chironomid patterns--no matter what season! Read up what Brian Chan has to say about this style of fishing at <>. At the sametime, I tend to not fish these unless I know there is a hatch. Too boring otherwise.

In a pinch, I'd be sure to have a couple of Cracklebacks in a couple of different dubbed body and hackle colors, as well as different hook sizes. Sizes? Probably #14 and smaller. These are great attractor dry flies and quite easy to tie. I was able to pick off a Rattlesnake cutty with one of these. 'Twas a fine moment. There are recipes online, but visit <> for info on how to fish them. Their style is also the way I tie mine.


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Here's my list in no particular order:
1. raccoon
2. renegade
3. Lady McConnell
4. flying ant
5. termite
6. sparkle dun
1. White over Yellow Zonker
2. Olive Flash Bugger
3. Black Bunny Leech
4. Tungsten head chironomid pupae (black)
5. Calibaetis loop wing emerger
6. top secret dry midge pattern


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I don't fish Pass much during the day, but when I do it's usually run of the mill chiro stuff. From dusk into the moonlight hours I use a white zonker with a pearlescent body, red gills and brass bead just behind the head. I'd post a photo, but that would make it too easy :thumb

Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
I thought I read ten flies instead of six. :beathead

1. Olive BH WB
2. Black BH WB
3. BH Chronomids
4. Muddler Minnow
5. Midge Emerger
6. Mayfly Immitation


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Pass Lake special? Is that the same as the one from Fly-tying Techniques and Patterns?

Black Chenille, silver tinsel, brown hackle, a little white hair?

IS that the same as Zug-Bug's Avatar Image?
I second the white zonker suggestion, for I've only been to pass lake once and I caught a 22" brown on the very fly alpinetrout described. I think it imitates the fathead minnows that reside in the lake. I hope to go back soon.



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Egg sucking leech
Rolled Muddler
Blood worm
Red chironomid
Hares ear nymph
PT nymph


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