Reel for spey?

Cole L

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Looking to get a 6wt or 7wt spey but also want a reel to fit an 8wt single hander. Was looking at the Lamson konic 3.5. Would that be a good fit for both or should I go with something bigger?
I think it depends on the rod you choose.

Some 6 weights act likes 6's and some 7's act like 8's. Heavier grain Skagit lines eat space on a reel. I think you would do well to chat with a good shop in your area and figure out target species, rivers you want to fish, etc.

I'm a little biased; but, good advice, and perhaps a little more money up front, will definitely save you heartache and frustration in the long run.
If you are looking at the Konic I would go with the #4
The 3.5 would fit your single handed rod but come up small on your spey rod, assuming you are talking about a 13'ish sized spey


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Have no idea what your budget is but 'Google "SpeyCo"fly reels. These are bullet proof and you could pound nails with the things. If you're not a member of the SpeyPages Forum sign up, they frequently come up for sale. As does a heck of a lot of other first class equipment.
I have a 3.5" Lamson Velocity nickel in the classified...pristine scratches or dings for roughly 25% off. these are beautiful reels, almost indestructible open warranty and great disc drag. This one is just a little small for me although it is rated for a 9wt and 200 yds of 20#