Baitfish/Foodfish Fly Swap


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Well, my mutant minnows are swimming your way, via USPS. Can't wait to see these beauties...


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Sorry, looks like Monday what with the snow and the Seahawks and all. Blame the wife. She did it. But Monday for sure.
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Thank to those who have been on time.

After I get back from my New Year retreat to the mountains, I will post the stragglers so you guys can pound em. I have a feeling everyone will be on time though. They are starting to come in daily. I will also put in some time to scan them next week.
HeY! Not me! Mine went out today. Priority Mail. Should be there at least by Wenesday. 19 cracker jack "Ace of Spades." Fish with shot along the bottom of deep holes,,, I found out about 'em 23 years ago and I have never touched a fish. But this will be the 24th year and I'm ready! Anytime now.
Bob, the Just call me the "Ace of Spades.":smokin
I am one of the slow ones this time. I had a couple things come up at work that have taken way more time than they should have. But enough with the excuses. Mine will go out in tomorrow's mail so they probably won't arrive until Friday. Sorry about that.



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I ran out of one key material when I was in Canada, so I had to hit the fly shop when I got home. I've got 3 more flies to tie tonight and then I'll get 'em in the mail tomorrow.
Just going to drop mine off at the post office.

18 'sculpie buggers,' sorry to have taken it down to the wire.

Also, there are four that are a little different, I ran out of olive chenille and switched to brown. So four people will get a slightly different version - sorry about that. Unless they work for you four, in which case, I'm not sorry at all. ;)


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I didn't say thanks, Troutman, and that is not like me. But I know this has got to be a hassle and a headache.
So a big thanks to you. I just love these swaps and that's why I've volunteered to run the next one: a sort of white elephant sale, a spring cleanout, a garage sale thing. I'll get out a post on it in the next few days. It'll be sort of different: you send in three dozen of your more modest numbers (a politcally correct way of saying flies you don't like) and then you wait for some goodies to come back. I'll explain more later.
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I am still putting the finishing touches on my batch. I'll have them finished on New Years Day at the latest. I'll get them in the mail Friday. Sorry to be a lagger, but I had a lot of xmas flies to tie and the busy holiday schedule and......:beathead

OK I'll just get my flies in...

thanks for putting on the swap

BH :)
yeah so.. umm like yeah.. mine are gonna be late.

i have no excuse except, my pure lack of the things that make me do stuff on-time.

Couple, three more days when i go to swedes to get more materials and... the job will be done.

Thanks for everyone who has already sent their flies to me. They are all wonderful and well tied. I just wanted to give a shout out so you all know what is keeping me from sending the flies to each of the swappers.

As of today, I only have 10 swap packages. There is still 6 swappers who have not sent their package. To keep this swap going, I would like everyone who is still working on their flies to chime in so I know how many to expect before I start distributing the flies to each tier. If there are leftover flies, I will send the leftovers back to the original tiers.

I was considering distributing them randomly but I must say, some flies are masterpieces and other were quickly assembled. I am concerned that some of us might get the short end of the stick for working so hard on such great flies. The solution would be to send the flies back to the original tier so they can rightfully put them back into their own box.

If all 6 slackers chime in, no problem. Otherwise, I might ask for your opinion on what to do with the rest. Maybe send them to Chris? :dunno

Anyways, if you are still in or if you are out and have not said so, please chime in ASAP. I will give everyone 2 days and then make a decision.




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Before we jump on people about "quickly assembled" flies, lets take into consideration that some of us are still learning the "tie flying" trait ;). I for one know that my flies probably look "quickly assembled" but believe me, I probably spend two to three times the amount of time as the seasoned tiers do and to only produce half the fly?

Anyways, I hope my ties were acceptable?? If not, let me know and I will send something else by tomorrow :dunno

edit: oh ya, can we see some more pictures of the newest flies received??

~Patrick ><>

I give your flies second best over mine homeboy. Nice swimmers!:p I dig the flies you tied. I'm almost jealous. Sorry in advance if you see next year's big fish photo with your fly in the corner of it's mouth. That fly is awesome!

I have been slammed at work since I took last week off to make Teleturns in the best snow ever. I will try and get a few more uploaded in the next few days. It has been hectic. Phone ringing off the hook and e-mails coming in faster than I can reply.:beathead


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hahaha...your soo full of crap that the font in your reply is brown }( !! LOL

Thanks again for hosting the swap! Cant wait to try out the green gobbler thing you posted :thumb

~Patrick ><>