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I was wondering if any of you have had any luck here in WA using crawfish patterns? If so, would you share the recipe? I have tied a few from squirrel tail and I am going to try them this spring in a few spots I have seen them in. I have seem them as small as 1 inch up to 5 inches or more. Any experience any of you care to share would be appreciated. I was thinking of trying them in Omak lake and some other lakes on the Reservation. Input?


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I've used a JJ Special in a lot of places where I'm convinced the fish are taking it as a crawfish, but I haven't yet experimented with more representative patterns. Smaller patterns, 1"-2" seem to work best.
i actually tied a couple crayfish a few years ago...i cut out the shape of a crawfish in this thin leather like material...then made some feet out of some dubbing...well looked like a little crawfish and worked well for bass in a small pond by my house..but other than that no luck with it anywhere else!
I caught my largest brown trout at Pass Lake on a Crayfish pattern. This thing was a monster! I am having trouble with the exact pattern, but I will give it a try. THe pattern used a tuft of marabou for the tail (at the eye of the hook) some brownish-orange dubbing for the body. Pheasant tail for the back. I wound thread through several times so it looked like it was segmented, brown hackle for the legs under the body. Partridge feathers for the claws and added 4 1.5 rubber legs for good measure. (these were dangling out the back with the claws. Hope this helps. It was a size 8 and probably 2" long when completed.


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In the Gallery, check the 2003 Carp Fly Swap, there is a kickass pattern tied by Sparse...check it out!


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Also if you want to invest in a sweat streamer book, you can buy Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout which goes into techniques, equipement etc.. then has as gallery of all types of streamers including crayfish and crawdads. These patterns work really well on the Yakima as well where there are ton's of crayfish (just lift up some big boulders ;- )

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I just got that book and it is one of the sweetest books that I've read. I learned so much that I can't even fathom it, along with Mastering Spring Creeks by Shewey that I just picked up also, I feel that my chances of catching a big trout are about ten times what they were a month ago


Cool, thanks. I'll check those out! I've browsed the Streamer book and indeed it looks great!:beer2