Favorite easy dry fly patterns

Hi everyone, I usually like to fish nymphs but I'm preparing my flybox for the upcoming season and I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about effective searching, matching, or attractor dry flies for primarily westside rivers and streams. My question is: What are your favorite effective, simple to tie, dry fly patterns for Northwest local waters? Also If anyone has any good chironomid and/or emerger patterns, I would really appreciate it. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your input! :thumb
"simple to tie" is a relative term. That being said...

I have had great success in local Western Slope rivers with a couple of flies that are pretty easy to tie: Parachute Adams, Renegade and Elk Hair Caddis.

Great blind fishing patterns for searching rivers when you are not matching a specific hatch.

I wouldn't leave home w/o them...


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I agree with votes for the Elkhair Caddis and the Stimulator. For versatility, it's hard to beat the Stimulator. I've drowned them to catch smallmouth bass and caught silvers when I fished a size 8 like a popper. I'm sure SRC's would hit it too, and of course it's a good searching pattern for trout.
I'm just learning the Royal Wulff and hope I can add that to the list of versatile dries.

Easy? Not so the Stimulator! ;)

Practice, practice, practice.



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for something easy to tie, try a brown hackle peacock and a grey hackle peacock. get good material and work on the proportions. these are old patterns like the renegade but they still work.
That's right. Very simple to tie w/ Peacock herl and light hackle (i use ginger/grizzly colored) and dark hackle on the other end (i use copper)...


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I'll throw another vote in for X-Caddis. Simpler to tie than EHC, and for me at least, more effective.
Thakns for the input everyone! I found a great video on how to do the x-caddis on the WSU tv website.Here's the link:


I also found a terrific article on the CDC and elk that so many of you recommended. Here's the link for that one:


It was very interesting to me that the vast majority of recommended flies were variations of the elk hair caddis! Gee I thought all dry flies were suposed to be mayflies (just kidding!)