Pass Lake Temp/Condition?

Hopefully someone has been recently but here's a little fallback just incase..

Haven't been in 3 weekends but it'll fish just fine if you're thinking of going up. Overall it came on late for spring this year but got really good about the time the bridge fell. Lots of activity and no one was going. This weather won't put them down much, especially not by this weekend. Early/late eves should be ok, and I'd probably check midday into afternoon to see if damsels are up to much yet. Guessing midges would still be at it as well.

The lake holds up fine in warmer weather than this. Surface is probably getting up there but they'll do alright at a little depth. May still come up to feed, especially toward dusk.


tight lines
I fished Pass on Monday from early morning until about 12:30 PM. Water temp was 68 near the surface. Alge bloom was not too bad. Hooked up with about 15 fish with several LDR. Fish size in the 15-16 inche range. Fish in deeper water and strip a wooley with speed. Fish were friskey and fun. Go for it! Kirk
I fished both days this weekend, Saturday early through 3pm and Sunday noon to sundown. First day for me was slow as I forgot my sink, most fish taken that day seemed to be near the bottom. Proven Sunday. I had success primarily on green buggers with an aggressive strip. No browns unfortunately, but some nice bows. Water temp was 68-69 at the top. Saw little algae, did seem a family of 4 otters taking what appeared to be crawfish right by the put in.
I had a look over the weekend as well. Foodwise, they're all about midges throughout the day. The bite isn't dead at any point but early till about 12:30, then late after 4:30 are busiest. The hatch doesn't go crazy at all, and bugs are smallish, but it's steady and scattered. Fish are staying low as mentioned above, and you have to grind a little, but there are lots to be had and most are showing really good energy (save for the great big ones...careful handling them). Fast sinker at a short troll then strip up aggressively is producing best. When action heats up I'm doing the same w/o the troll part, just cast-count-strip. It needs to get down toward the bottom though, and they're glad to chase it up. One other tip, if you're not finding much keep moving around till you're drawing strikes. Watch where swallows are concentrating and go join them if nothing else. They only cruise the lake when/where food is coming off.

Damsels are out but are only drawing a few feeders. In the thick of that you'll still find more strikes out and down where chironomid activity is. Even when it slows in the afternoon they're still not going to damsels much given the other food. Over the next few weeks I'd look for a possible shift toward damsels if these midges fade, they've been going quite a while now.

All rainbows recently, haven't seen a single brown in the mix. I'm not staying past dark though.


Indi "Ira" Jones
I find it hard to believe that I have not made it out to fish Pass in months now. Heck I think the last time I hit it was on that crazy daphne hatch day.
Fished it on Saturday. Water showing alge bloom with parts of the bottom floating on top. Overall landed 4 with many bites missed. Fished from 4 pm till 8 pm. Used intermediate sink with an olive hale bob. Letting it sit still on the bottom, also had fish on the strip when coming off the bottom. Fish were healthy and put up a strong fight.
Went back Sunday and Pass kicked my a**. I was out for five hours, dragged, threw nymphs with an indicator, every color of bugger in my box, sink and float...nada, not even a strike. I saw one fish taken all day. Weird.....humbled.

Greg Armstrong

I was there Thursday eve. (7/25) and put the pontoon in at about 7 PM. Water by the launch felt well over 70 degrees. I found somewhat cooler temp's away from shore. I was the only boat on the water unlike the day before when I drove past and saw quite a few. Only fished deep for a little while and released one healthy looking rainbow and had a couple more short takes on a damsel nymph. Not much surface activity - I only saw a couple of rises while there.

The late day wind and fog made it feel pretty cold by the time I was finished. This cooler weather should help cool down the water temp's a little.
Hi Greg,
That's my guess but I don't know for sure (maybe someone else does?). I do know the lake has a lot of them and they're a major food source during the year. At times like now they'll bring a mess of fish up into the shallows late in the eve to feed and, at other times like later in fall, they'll pack the shoreline for most of the day. My most productive outings of the year are usually around mid to late November when that happens.

Greg Armstrong

Thanks for the minnow info' and photo's guys.
There were schools of these minnows at the launch, and I watched a nice fish casually cruising back and forth over the gravel right there in really shallow water. I assumed it was prowling for the fry that I saw there. I just stayed still in my pontoon and watched it cruse back and forth for awhile, hoping I'd see it attack one of the minnows. It reminded me of bonefishing jaunts I've been on - fun just to observe sometimes without making a cast. There was that cold, damp wind blowing in off of the straits as it does in the evenings there, and even though the water was really warm I was getting pretty cold so I chose to let the fish be and headed in, back to a warm truck and camp at the park.