905-4 Matrix

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Tyler Speir, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Tyler Speir Artist

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    I built this 905-4 Matrix and I think it is the best blank for the money. Used a struble reel seat, cork rings, under wraps on the 2 stripers, and a small fether inlay. What do you think?
  2. Craig Hardt aka Nagasaurus

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    Very nice! I really like the use of the under-wraps on the stripping guides. A 905-4 Matrix was a recent fly rod build for me as well and I agree on the value of those blanks.

    A couple of questions from a rookie rod builder. What brand of metallic thread is your favorite for the trim wraps? Also, how many wraps on those bands (looks like 3 or 4 but wasn't sure)? It doesn't appear that you used a winding check--is that an epoxy ramp or something else to create the build up for the transition to the handle?
  3. jacksond New Member

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    The winding check is there, you can see it pretty well if you click on the second picture. (I watched him build this rod :))
  4. Tyler Speir Artist

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    I use metallic A thread with 4 wraps for my collars. I did use a winding check, with a build up of epoxy. I really like that look.
  5. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    Your workbench is 180 degrees away from mine... Nice work though! :)
  6. John O'Leary Member

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    Nice! I just built a Matrix 7wt for my wife. It's easy to cast and forgiving, but still throws tight loops and seems to have reserve power for that last little punch on the forward cast. I like it and, at the price, will probably wrap more.

    Just curious, what brand of epoxy did you use?
  7. Jake Smulkowski Throwing hoppers into baetis falls

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    You are an artist!
  8. Tyler Speir Artist

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    flex coat