June 15-22 Bahamas trip


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A few pics from a week in the Bahamas on a 37 Bertram near Lucaya. Seas were great and every other day was great fishing so overall a very good trip. The boat is not great on a drift and is really a great slow trolling boat so that's what we did most of the time. The big dolphin was 40lbs and came off the gaff immediately but fortunately I was ready with a towel and rodeo clowned him into submission. The Yellowfin Tuna (42 and 47lbs) were caught drifting and chunking with sardines which was basically offshore nymphing with bait as a drag free drift on a long leader was needed to get the take. The fly rod was used on some horse eye jacks that were schooled up and attempted on some tripletail and dolphin under a floating pallet but they did not cooperate. Even bait only managed one small tripletail from that tough crowd. If the tuna would have stuck around I had a chunk fly ready to roll but didn't get a window to use it.. maybe next trip.. Hope the pics are visible to all, please PM so I can fix ASAP if they aren't.