SBS Simplified Rogue Hopper SBS


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hook - Dai Riki 135 #10
thread - UTC 140 cream
body - 2mm foam cream
wing - elk hair
legs - rubber medium cornsnake
indicator - 2mm foam

An easier, more durable alternative to the deer-hair bullethead Rogue style. Back end of the chassis remains the same and the front just incorporates the foam used to create the body; borrowed the head construction from Walter Wiese's Bob Hopper
Even in small sizes (pretty easy to go down to #14), the double layer of foam makes this one tough to sink, but it lays down low on the water. Using a scud hook here to get a bit more gap than the DR 280 hump shank provides in smaller sizes. Adjust colors to suit your needs.

Insert needle in vise

fold a strip of foam (hook gap width), push it onto needle

start tying thread on needle

fold foam over needle, adjust to where you want the first segment

wrap thread around foam, pull slowly but firmly so you don't cut the foam and add a couple more wraps

split the uprights with the thread, take a couple wraps around the needle to place thread for second segment

create second segment

repeat then tie off; slide off the needle and SHHAN the wraps; taper butt

insert hook in vise; poke a hole in the foam and push onto eye of hook

start thread on hook and wrap back to spot just above hook point

cut a 2mm x 2mm binder strip of foam and tie it down; finish with thread at hook eye

push foam that's on underside up against hook eye for reference mark; poke hole with needle

brush Super Glue on binder strip

then pull foam up and force hook eye through hole; follow with 2 wraps of thread at eye to lock foam down

cross over with thread back to rear portion of head; 2 wraps to create bottom of head

pull foam on top of hook down and tie off; trim (not shown)

cut clean and stack a clump of elk hair, measure for length

tie down with 2 firm wraps; trim butts

pull foam back over head; tie down and trim excess

add legs and indicator

trim legs/indicator to length, whip, SHHAN and you're done