Need Advice RE: South Fork Stilly.


The Whisky Guy
Scored a SWEET riverfront campsite in Golden Basin Campground through the weekend. Looks fishy, but I have absolutely no experience on the Stilly whatsoever. Does it even get a Summer steelhead run? Are there wild trout around? If there are steelies in the system, should I be nymphing or swinging? Is it even open for fishing right now?

I know inquiries like these can be annoying to some, and that I should "just get out there and put in my time", but I have limited space in the rig for fishing gear. I'd like to go into it with at least a little bit of info under my belt and armed with the right rigging.

Thanks in advance for any info and help.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I'm surprised that the water is fishable in that area now. There was a huge clay slide on the other side of the river that used to leek clay into the water there. If the river is fishable give it a try with Caddis flies, Humpy's, Royal Wulff's or try an Adams. If the water is high and looks like it's boiling still give it a try. You can never tell what that river is going to do.

If it was later in the year I could help out on other places near there. But those waters are probably just as bad this early in the season.


The Whisky Guy
I ran up there today to reserve the campsite. The river had a little clay-color to it, but was clearing fast. Levels seemed entirely fishable. I don't know what to compare it to, but it seemed neither high nor low. Looked just right.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Give it a try. When I lived in Washington I fished the hell out of it. You can access damn near the whole river from the road beside it.

As for Steelhead. Yes they are there. Don't know if they are summer runs or winter runs. Fish come in and hang around until it's time to spawn. Then they go do their thing

Evan Virnoche

Sea runs and rainbiws. The. Steel on that river have been pretty much anhilated
There are whitefish in the river too, at least I found a bunch snorkeling there 4 or 5 years ago. I think the trout have been mostly caught, that area gets so much usage.