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Prior to a trip earlier this season, I had Reds set me up with a dirty dozen with the comment that I wanted to fish streamers. One of the groups of flies they provided in the set were olive and white Dali-Lama's. I was fortunate to catch three large cuts on this streamer. The movement was what I expected given the rabbit strips, but what surprised me was the amount of flash the fly had. So the questions that I have are:
1. Is the flash a help? the fly has unbelievable movement in the water without the added attraction of the flash.
2. What materials make good flash strips---I have some flashabou in pearl that looks like it would work but it is significantly narrower than on the purchased fly.
3. One of the fish was caught with the streamer swimming down stream, the other two were caught while the line was dangling down stream as I repositioned myself for the next cast. How do you fish this fly most effectively? Swimming? Stripping? Swinging? or just on the dangle?
4. Olive and white worked well, I noticed one poster liked black and white---any other color combos work well in the PNW?
5. Anyone ever try to tie a smaller version of this streamer using squirrel strips instead of rabbit for Tucannon sized streams? I will be making a trip to southern Idaho in a couple of weeks and those I got from reds are a little large to use with the rod I plan to take on the Bear River. I will likely use some smaller black sculpzillas and grass hoppers. They worked well on my last trip.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Don't tie them but used dolly llamas quite a bit in AK and they work really, really well for rainbows. Recently threw a olive/white one on just to try them out here in Washington and the bows were all over them. I swing them deep for the best results.


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As far as flash goes, I have no idea, I'm not a fish. In theory though, it makes sense to have it as darting bait fish make a flicker so why not try to imitate that?

When it comes to fishing them, I think it depends more on the water you're fishing. I tend to cast upstream, let it sink for a minute, mend up to get the fly pointed in the right direction, once it comes under tension, either jig it or small quick strip it until the hang down... Then pause for a second and continue slow stripping back. This is my standard streamer method, but like I said, it drastically changes for different water scenarios. Sometimes only swing it, sometimes rip it back to you fast. Heck, I've had fish not bite at all on a dead drifted dry, but hammer it once it starts unnaturally swinging in. So strange...

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was my #2 streamer last year. for some reason nothing beats an egg suckin white bugger on that river in my experience.
what size do you like to use? ---do you use any flash or crystal chinell or just regular white chinell, white sadle hackle and white maribou? White crystal buggers work for smallies on the lower yak from now through the fall---I haven't used them for much else---perhaps I should.

But I would really like to get some specifics on how essential the flash is on the dali-lama, other preferred color combinations and the most effective way to fish them. One reported to swing them deep


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ive only ever put 2 strands of crystal flash down each side. i dont think it really matters that much, unless maybe your fishing water with low visibility. as far as other color combo's brown/olive is always a good bet, as well as all black. in regards to fishing, my two methods on rivers are usually cast upstream and start stripping immediately or mend and let it sink a little then strip. or do the usual slow swing, at the end of the swing count to 10, then start stripping it in slowly.
[quote="at the end of the swing count to 10, then start stripping it in slowly.[/quote]

Yes, that is deadly. It's all about presentation and that is where I get some great strikes.
Couldn't find lateral scale nor salt water flashabou at the local stores, so I'll make due with less flash for now and order some. In addition to the black, black white, olive,white. I've tied some Black-white jail house, some purple and white, and dark purple-peach, and a crayfish orange color combos. I will try the crayfish orange on the lower Yakima for bass later this month. Looking forward to seeing how they work. Certainly an easy streamer to tie.
Picked up some pearl salt water flashabou while on a trip to southern idaho. Looking forward to tying up some more---do they work on the klick for steelhead?