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Does anyone know where I can find a tool called The Griffin Quad Turbo Dubbing Twister? I believe it's the same Tool that Phil Rowley Demonstrated with the Marc Petitjean Tool at Maidenauer this year. Thanks


The dumb kid

why would anyone want a "turbo dubbing twister"? it takes 2 seconds with a normal one, or 4 without one at all. cabelas has a spring loaded one thats made by griffin im pretty sure, but im not sure if it is a worthwhile investment for my tying styles



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I've tried a number of tools for twisting dubbing loops but the one I keep coming back to is one that I made myself. It's simply a length of heavy coat hanger wire bent into a small shepherd's crook at one end.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Well, I'll say I used to use the one I made myself. Still have it. Like Prestons (man, we think too much alike, scary lol), I bent a piece of hanger wire and put it into a piece of dowel. Worked great. But.....

I have one of the dubbing tools. I was given it. It was new too. Has the two heads (not quad and think it is the griffin). Man, it has made dubbing so much quicker. It is based on a ball bearing shaft and spins in half a second. I actually like using it. Used to do it the old fashioned way, but I now use the tool.
Thanks for the reply Steelheader69. I looked and looked all over the place for the Quad Turbo (a tool manufactured by Griffin; Even contacted the company) I guess that I was attracted to it because it had 4 heads for a couple more $ than the EZ spin (2 headed monster).
I seddled on the EZ spin and got it through Flytiers.com for $13.46. Thanks for the offer though. Pass Lake and Cranberry Lake Have been good to me lately...