Scadden Outlaw Assault Seam Problems

Hey all, I briefly tried looking some of this up on the forum but I guess no one has posted something similar so far. I have to say that I am not trying to trash the Scadden boats as I really do like them and the versatility they provide, but instead am trying to see if someone else has had a similar issue with a frameless scadden model that could shed some light onto how they handled it. I recently bought an outlaw assault at the fly fishing show back in February, and have loved using it on the lakes in the spring. Unfortunately, as much as I like how its built for the most part I have been having some problems. I was fishing with it on a lake one afternoon when I noticed my seat kept getting fairly soft, and before I got done fishing for the day I ended up having to pump it up multiple times in 2 hours. When I got home, I looked around and sure enough found a hole in the back seam of the seat (shown in the pictures attached). It appears to be right in the middle back portion of the seat, and there is a small little pre cut v-notch right where the hole was. The seams to me seem to be just pancaked together so it sticks out like a tail and there is about 1.5 inches of material glued together. After feeling around, it looks like the glue didn't hold too well in the middle of the seam and it started pulling apart right at the middle, where it eventually travelled and created the hole you see. I like the boat and the versatility, but so far I've also had 1 other clean hole in the side as well from only being on a lake for short periods of time (most likely my fault, I pumped it up for the 3rd time and found a pin hole on one of the tubes and ended up patching it with knot sense briefly before later fixing it with aqua seal).

I did contact NFO about the seat hole and what I got back was that I could either try fixing it with aqua seal or I could send it in to them as they could better assess the problem in person and then fix it. I was hoping to not have to pay the shipping to send it back to Dave to get it fixed, but if its a seam problem I know it would be better off getting sent back to get fixed. I guess I'm just trying to hear about other peoples experiences before finally caving and doing it.
Seat Hole Close Up.JPG
Seat Hole.JPG


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You shouldn't have to pay to ship it to them, this is still a new boat. Call them up and let them know that you expect them to fix it like new or replace it. Ask them to set up the return shipping for you. I had a similar situation with a valve and they sent me the info/stuff to ship it to them. This boat is still under warranty and they'll take care of it, but you need to request that they take care of you. Otherwise, they'll do just what they are doing to you now and try to go the easiest route for them based on my experience.



Did you ask if they'd cover shipping? Or, if they'd reimburse you if they found it was manufacturer defect? I'm guessing they would.


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You do not have a pin hole - you have a very bad seam failure. DO NOT try to fix this yourself as it is a big manufacturing defect. As you observed, the 1.5" wide seam is unglued and for quite a few inches. This should never happen on new boats unless there is a defect and it is only going to get worse. I'd send it back in a heartbeat!

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Yes, send it back to them. First, have them issue you a Call Tag (or an RS tag) to pick it up. All you'd have to do is package it. UPS will come pick it up at your doorstep. I've heard he ships UPS, so that's an easy fix.