Finally got to a beach

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
when the cutts were there eating breakfast on thurs morning. I noticed lots of bait fish being swept along in the ebb current where I was fishing. Was a Semi-Secret spot (not sayin') in the rainshadow area. Got to the access at about 6 am and was fishing by 6:30 am when the tide was just starting to run out. Lots of smaller fish around 6" to 7" but some bigger ones were in the mix. I guess those smaller ones must have just entered the salt recently, but they were bright. Brought a 16" and 14" to hand, and lost a couple of other good ones. One fish I didn't even get to see felt pretty heavy, but I was using my 9' TFO Jim Teeny 4 wt. Both larger fish to hand were fat and chunky. The 16"er was maxing out my rod. Great bulldog style fight! No aerials, but powerful doggedness and several runs where I had to let it take line.

Almost any fly I tried would get at least a tentative strike, but one fly that stood out was a 1.5" epoxy head minnow, light olive over white, with a tad of flashabou in between. Resembled a mini-deceiver. It had nice doll eyes. I didn't tie it. It was given to me. But it looked like an easy tie. It looked realistic in the water.
It drew at least a good strike on nearly every cast, and was responsible for over half of my fish. It was the only copy of that fly I had, and I eventually left it in the jaw of a nice cutt. My knot failed:( as evidenced by the curly curls on the end of my leader. I was using 6lb fluoro. I think I strayed from using my usual "non-slip mono loop" and sleazed it on with a "trilene knot." Bad mistake. A chilly breeze had come up, and having breakfasted only on black coffee, I must have been running on empty, since I suddenly felt chilled and noticed that my fingers were getting numb. Low blood sugar to the brain.:confused:
I'll bet a 2" or longer version of the same fly would work. The 1.5" was just right for casting with my 4 wt. Was using a clear intermediate line and 7' leader.

After I lost that fly, I had one more that worked OK, what I call a "bleeding ghost" which is just a white Knudsen Spider with a red beard (red saddle hackle) and some red fibers in the tail. Then I swapped up again, and lost the bleeding ghost when I set it on a driftwood limb and the wind blew it away into some rocks. Turned out the fly I swapped to wasn't all that hot, or maybe the fish stopped biting, but it was time to leave by 10:30 am and go have brunch with my Dad. Action was pretty good the whole time until right before I left, and really hot when I had that little epoxy minnow tied on.
Salad was kind of bad, but tolerable due to the presence of fish.

I should have gone back there this morning, even though I hadn't had time to tie up replacements for the more effective flies that I lost (I was staying at my Dad's, and didn't bring tying stuff). The tide change looked similar, and I bet the spot was still happening! Looks like for the next few days, the tides are morphing quickly to a lower morning high, later in the morning, and with less radical of a run out. So I'm not sure if the bait fish that were getting concentrated by the rip will still be around. I think that they were sand lance.