Torrent and Outbound @ MA 9

Gregg Lundgren

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Just a few comments about my new set-up. Not meant to be any sort of meaningful review. This was the first water trial, MA 9 yesterday evening with a 10-15mph wind coming from my right side. Mostly quarter casting down wind.

Set-up: Redington Torrent 9ft 7wt with Rio Outbound Short WF7F/S1

Simply outperforms my 9.5ft 8wt Redington RF2 with Airflo 40 Plus Extreme Distance (sorry, but at least some sort of reference point).

Line pick-up requires less effort, and powering into the wind on the back cast was great. Releasing the integrated head on the forward cast was a dream. Timing didn't seem to be as much of an issue, and a roll cast followed by a re-cast became somewhat routine rather quickly. It's too early and the conditions were not right for judging distance, but a mediocre cast was repeatable. That is what impresses me the most. The new Rio Outbound line handling has vastly improved in that it was very supple with little memory. I had only a couple of tangles when launching the line out of the basket, but they were definitely self-induced.

The fishing: I fished from 6:30 - 9:30pm. Water started out murky with suspended salad. That improved rather quickly to top water salad, and the intermediate head helped for that. Then the water cleared and with good movement, as the sun began to set. I felt like I was definitely fishing at this point. I did have one taker, a 7in sculpin (must have gotten lazy with my stripping) that I could actually feel fighting at the end of my line. Using my 8wt, feeling any sort of fight would be non-existent. This felt more like my 6wt, so rod tip sensitivity seems good.

It was great to be back on the beach again, enjoying all that unfolds around you.:)


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Good to hear your new outfit worked well. It is always nice to put it all together and have it perform well.


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I know what you mean...that feeling of finding a good line-rod match is hard to beat. For me most recently it was a 7 wt 9'6" One with a 8 wt full sized Outbound...the older style when the entire 37.5' was intermediate sink, not just the terminal 30'. I had planned to get an 8 wt OB but with the fast action and extra 6" on my One if feels least it felt great up until I broke it yesterday. It did a nice job on the first three Coho of the year but I whacked it hard with a heavily weighted Clouser in the wind and it broke 2 casts later... :(