How to tie a Moel Leech?

Anyone ever heard of such a Leech pattern? I couldn't figure out how it was tied so I bought one and disected it and still couldn't figure it out.
It looks like a somewhat "string leech" but more technical to tie. Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like all crosscut rabbit,dacron,stinger hook and hook with shank cut off. Would you need 2 vises for this? From the looks of it I'm thinking they turned the hook and dacron one way and then wrapped the rabbit the OPPOSITE way to create a "stiffness" feel between the stinger and shank.
It looks like a really awesome Steelhead leech pattern.
Let me know what ya'll thoughts are on this expensive Steelhead fly pattern. Thanks!

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This is my best fly for steelhead. I use Power Pro gel spun line. It is thin and allows the tail flow/wiggle with the slightest bit of current. I use a needle and run the gel spun loop though the rabbit and out the end of the tail. I leave plenty of slack so that I can get a Gami Octopus hook in over the loop. Then I pull the slack out of the gel spun and cinch the hook next to the hare. So you end up with hook, gel spun loosely woven through the hare hide and coming out near where your going to tie in to the shank and two gel spun lines hanging free about 4 inches so you can tie into the shank. I do all that without a vise. Then just throw a hook into the vise and tie in you tail. Wrap forward with some crosscut and your done. Oh, cut off the hook from the shank or I use wadington shanks.

At first I was concerned about it being stiff and used 40 lb test. That is not what you want. You want a tail that will dance with the slightest bit of current. You would think that a hook just dangling free off the tail would never set right or not set at all. This extra action will cause more takes than you can imagine.

I have some other things that I have improved on this tie. I’ll have to get back to you if you want.

Matt Burke
Sorry Matt, but I'm trying my hardest to picture what your describing but cannot. Sounds like yours is a similar version to what I found. What I have is that the rabbit is "wrapped around" the dacron from top to bottom of dacron. Yours being the dacron being needled through the rabbit. Maybe I'm dumb but I cannot imagine our fly. If you want to email me some pics that would be great, i'll email a pic for you too. Thanks!

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I emailed you a block of instructions for tying in that stinger hook. Hope you got it. Could you still send me a photo of your leech to see how close I am or to see if I was even on the same sheet of music.

Matt Burke
Matt, could you send me what you sent Peter? The block of instructions that is. The link Crocket put up looks like your basic string leach.

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