River temps and fishing?

How much affect will the upcoming warmer weather have on local river fishing?

I have a couple days off next week and and the weather forcast is mid to high 70's all week. I was planning on putting in some time wading the Cedar and South fork of the Snoqualmie; although I'm wondering if the warmer temps over here are going to bring up the river temps as well.

If so, what affect will this have on the fishing?

Old Man

Just an Old Man
In the mountains not much. Down on the flat of the Cedar it would tend to warm up., But the 70's shouldn't heat up the water that much. It's the 80's and the 90's that make fishing suck.
Take a surface temp for yourself. Sixty-five is personal level for me to quit fishing and come back when it is much closer to 60 or less. My son lives near the Cedar and tells me this is the time of the year the swim/floater hatch can appear in great numbers. Just a thought.