Pinkfest with a switch?

Was this a typo or is your fly really just 2 ft from the end of your outbound short? I have never fly fished for pinks so I'm honestly curious.

Also not to hijack this thread, but as far as stripping baskets go, it seems the orvis one is regarded as the best and its one of those things that you get what you pay for? (i.e. those mesh ones suck).
Yes 2ft and under because while your line is sinking you dont want your fly floating 6-9 feet above it right? the whole point is to get down. I have an orvis basket best imo.

I've seen guys single hand it and do great, and I've seen guys with full on spey rods get effortless distance. It is all about preference.
I can't see spending a ton of money on a store bought basket when you can make a custom one for your needs for pennys. I have always made my own baskets and have never had problems but if ya got the money and don't care then go for it, there is some real nice one's out there but a basket is a basket if you set it up right. just my thoughts so don't get in a uproar. tight lines
I'll second home made baskets, they go great with my non-Sage equipment too. Ikea children's stool turned upside down and cut a couple slots for a belt and you're set! I even further customized mine with two cutouts so I can rest my rod across the basket to change flies. Maybe cost $10 with a belt.
That's it! It's curved on the inside so it actually fits the curve of your leg or waist very well. Tried rectangular baskets and this is 100 times better. Plus it's made of a tougher plastic that isn't brittle.


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That's it! It's curved on the inside so it actually fits the curve of your leg or waist very well. Tried rectangular baskets and this is 100 times better. Plus it's made of a tougher plastic that isn't brittle.
What did you use for spikes within the basket? Or is that unnecessary.
Dang I wish I would have known about that Princess one, that's badass!

I used some zip ties through the bottom and hot-glued some plastic tubing similar to that used to run water to an ice maker in a freezer. Worked great, but after sitting for a year the hot glue started to separate and now my line gets caught under it. I'm going to take the posts off and see how it works. I also drilled a couple small holes in the bottom to drain water out.

Stripping basket.jpg
So no one really spey cast much on the beach? ?? My intention was to get some practice while also catching some pinks
If you've got a hard on to practice your spey casts, then by all means do so. At the end of the day we're all out to have fun, so do whatever makes it the mostest funerer. At the end of the day these fish want a stripped fly that imparts jig action. Guys catch them on the swing and the dead drift, but not nearly as much as on the strip/jig action. I just don't find the spey to be conducive to stripping line in all day, I don't fish switch rods really, so there's the logic behind my choices.
Regarding stripping baskets, I would guess that the biggest advantage to buying one is the nicely formed cones in the bottom.

I have an old grocery basket that I put zipties in. It works alright, but I still get tangles. I think part of that has to do with this POS rio versitip that I'm using--it is really not a good line for fishing the salt, I've come to realize. I've stretched the damn thing, on the beach, at least 3 times in the last few weeks and it still kinks and twists and tangles up like you wouldn't believe.

I like the look of that linekurv thing. I think I'll get one soon, along with a new line, and hopefully increase my percentage of casts that I get off without tangles into the guides.



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Well just got back from IKEA. Unfortunately they were all sold out of the pink ones. Damn. I was hoping to just swim around in the sound wearing that thing and having the pink salmon attack me for it. Easy catching.

I did however find the white one with green tones on it. There were only two left so I'm glad I went today. Time to finish this bad boy. I'll post pics when done.

Again I'd like to apologize for completely hijacking this thread. My bad :(

I've been out to the sound a few times now with those pink clousers and I quickly realized how nice a stripping basket will be so I want to get one built ASAP before its prime time.


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If you ever get tired of trying to pimp your out own basket, just go buy the Linekurv or Orvis basket and be done with it.
Many of us have been there and done that........
SF--can you comment on how well the cones in those baskets work versus say, zip ties in a homemade basket?

Or can anyone else who has used both?

I know that Jim or Roger or one of those other salty guys made a basket with corn cob holders as the cones, and that seemed like a good idea. Thought after the work, time, and money involved in putting that together, seems like the linekurv is just as economical.