it seems even the males in the animal world are alo afraid of "honey dos"

well it was pretty slow yesterday at shilshole so me and some guys got creative ,as in make a crab pot with what ya got laying around I came up with a plastic dish pan and a piece of scrap iron annother guy came up with a bunch of rope , so punched a lot of holes in the dish pan made a 4point bridle fastend down the sscrap iron and added a bait bag of sorts-- zip lock bage with many holes in it a bunch of trout heads and guts and away we went , using the fishing pier there we got a lot of funny looks and even funnier questions that for crab ?? yup we assured them well tossed it out and waited when we pulled it it was full of starfish and a female dungy (yes we released her) this was the scene all day always crab in and always female!! :rolleyes: go figure LOL this rig works well if fished vertically as you pull you do so slowly and as it nears the surface you can see what is in it when it is near the top haul away quickly so they do not even think about getting out. Yeah I know get a pot but this was fun conviced some young kids all you need is an idea to have a bit of fun smitty
well I am by no means a "mgiver" (hollywood fix it pro) I am a displaced alaskan bush rat where the above was done for fun :p up north it may very well have been of neccisity sic ? It was great fun I gues i will make something more conventional to attract the male dungie :D thanx smitty