Wear Sunscreen!!


"Chasing Riseforms"
Well, I guess the fishing in the sun finally caught up with me. Was having some trouble with my lip not healing up well for the last year and time slipped by. Anyhow, the dermatologist did some tests and I guess I have a pre-cancer on my lower lip. So, I now have to suffer with treating it to kill the cells or whatever. It's going to probably take a month by applying a small portion (chemical) at a time, let blister, bleed, crack, and burn, and continue the monitored process until I finish the lower lip. It's going to be a real pain. My advice to you----
WEAR SUNSCREEN on your LIPS and everywhere else!! Wear the widebrim hat! Listen to your dermatologist! :eek:

Please keep us posted on your progress with this issue. I know that you and I have yet to have the pleasure to talk to one another, but that does not change the degree of concern I have. Please stay safe, stay healthy, and continue to keep your line wet. Good luck.
Glad you got it checked Larry and before it became cancerous. I had a basil carcinoma removed from the side of my nose 4 years ago. So far I've been cancer free. If I see or notice something not quite right, I do not hesitate to see the dermatologist.

And good luck with your treatment.
Ack, sorry Larry, glad you checked it out asap.
I spent my youth/20's working/climbing/hiking in the Desert Southwest and had little care about getting burned. Now at 47 I have had a handful of pre cancerous bits removed and am acutely aware when I am out on the water. Paranoid in fact that I cover up as much as possible. UV Buffs, floppy hat and long pants are now standard wear for me.
Good luck man and keep covered!!
but, i have such a nice tan. that is what people say. you get a better tan with sunscreen, i know cuz i do it. larry, hope things go well for you. mike w


"Chasing Riseforms"
Thanks for everyone's concern. It is squamous cell carcinoma and is generally not life threatening, but can be aggressive in some cases. My dermatologist says it can be aggressive if not treated, especially on your lips. Hopefully, I'll nip this in the bud! I just wanted to worn you all of the dangers, especially you young fly fisherman. Use the sunscreen and don't forget your lips!! My love life is going to be a little dull for a month or more...... maybe... :D :eek: Darn.