DIY Homemade $6 Stripping Basket


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Damn good looking DIY basket. better than mine. I hot glued broken Golf Tees in mine to keep the line straight and it works fine. I did break off the points as I was stabbing myself when I reached into the basket and not paying attention. Pretty red-neck, mine is and not half as nice looking as yours.


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Good call on the Sharpie lids. I purchased a dollar store pack of regular ol' pens, I think they'll still get the job done but the Sharpie lids are a bit bigger/smoother.


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Thanks for the feedback guys. I like the golf tees idea haha. If any of you try this/improve on this post some pics!
Here's my Ikea Special. Too many holes for sure, but i like the ability to lift the front to quickly drain the basket. I probably need to blunt the tips on the plastic golf tees too, but i haven't skewered myself yet so they might just stay as is. Last trip out, my hand blew the one missing tee off while stripping, so the correct placement (for me) is working itself out via natural selection.



5-Time Puget Sound Steelhead Guide of the Year
I like that one Ryan! Being a golfer myself that has a great touch to it haha. That being said I would probably stab myself a few times. God knows I've done that enough on the course when I frustratingly grab pencils/tees in my pocket after a bogey.
wow dude, that is the best homey job I've seen. My kids have that and step on that a million times a week and I stare at that stool doing #2 without thinking twice!
Mine is a homey job too, a home depot dark grey 16" x 8" x 8"d hard plastic storage container with 3"h x 1/8"thick weed wacker line inside glued in holes using 5200. But I like yours better due to the contour sides and size, but I will still use the weed line..
Good job mang!

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Smells like low tide.
I have also used weedwhacker line, pushed thru holes that fit the line tightly, and welded to the bottom, using a soldering iron to melt the stubs flat and weld them into the plastic bottom of the basket. I put the cut sections in really hot water first, and straightened them out. They stayed fairly straight when they cooled off.

So far I like the zip ties better than the weedwhacker line, since they don't come loose. I had a couple of the "welds" come loose on the weedwhacker line and had to melt them back down. Then I covered each weld on the bottom side with Marine Goop. Now they don't pop out. That basket was a little bit small, and I don't use it now that i've made one about the "right size." Otherwise, I still might be using it.

Weedwhacker line and zip ties flex and don't jab my knuckles that badly if I strip a little too wildly while trying to get a fast retrieve.
nice baskets! I've thought a lot about making myself a new one out of that stool. I like the curve. In mine, I just use zip-ties and they work really well, although your sharpie lids look way better. I also have to have a bunch of holes in it since I use it on the OR coast there you get that occasional wave that nearly crashes over you.
you guys have inspired me to make a stripping basket tonight! The one I use now is the packable mesh basket but my line always tangles and makes me want to throw my rod in the drink.....
nice basket, better then mine. you may want to put the buckle on your off hand side in case ya need to get rid of it for any reason. just a thought.