Hook sugestions for bead headed nymphs

So Ive tied a bead headed nymph on a #10 shrimp caddis pupa hook, cutthroat are slamming it but come un buttoned after about 10 seconds or so, 3/16 brass bead, any help? Is the weight of the bead helping toss the hook? Strip sets feel solid, fish is on then gone, theories? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
First, make sure it is sharp.

After your strip set, when you feel the fish, give it a good hard set. It is often hard to get a solid hook set with just a strip set. The fish may just have the fly in its mouth.

Big E

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Doubt its anything to do with the bead head (size or weight). 3/16 is on the large size but 1/8 may not fit on your hook if its 2x heavy. 5/32 isn't much of a savings in size.

I'd look to other causes....sharpness of hook?