7/23 MA9 report

Rob Ast

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That was possibly the most low-key post to end with "two to hand" ever!
Actually, the whole morning was pretty low key, so that fits. Interestingly both fish hit within 20 feet of the rod, so no prolonged battles as I tried to get them in. It was pretty much "clamp down and surf them into the beach".
That's great man. Glad you found some fish either way. I'm getting excited for them to start finding their way a little closer to me.

Have fun out there.

Thanks for the report. Still pretty hit or miss right now it seems. Glad you got it on a "hit" day! Monday at a different MA9 beach, our group of 3 had 4 hookups and 2 fish to the beach (pinks). That was the only action for anyone on the beach all morning except a king caught on herring.