Rigging trout beads?

Haha. I'm not sensitive as to whether OMJ agrees with me or not - I like OMJ - almost as much as I like to push buttons spawning even grumpier responses :D
Good times - this is the best topic in all of fly fishing, or non-fly-fishing, or fake-fly-fishing, or whatever it is in its various permutations.

By the way, one of these days I'll nut up and do some REAL fly fishing: cane rod, silk line, gut leader, all whilst attired in tweed suit with a tie, of course, canvas hip boots, long handled net and wicker creel. One of these days, surely. But certainly not when I'm targeting egg hungry dollies in Alaska rivers ;)

Old Man

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Now you are picking the apples out of the oranges. What ever trips your trigger you will use and call it fly fishing. I will say no more on this subject of fishing with beads(imitation eggs).

My fucken lips are sealed on this shit.
It's my right as an American to fish anyway I want as long as it does not infringe on your rights. It's in the constitution go ahead and read it. Then all you elites can go suck it !!! Oh did I mention that the Dodgers are in first place and the friggin Yanks and Giants are in 4th !!!

Ed Call

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Judgemental group. Keep it between the lines. Seems like a question asked sincerely to get input from the WFF collective. If it is not your cup of tea, move on along...nothing to see here if you are that much of a purist.