Report: MA11

my buddy and I got to Brown's Point little after 4am. soon as we could fish several others came in. lot's of gear heads. must of been maybe 12 of us. another friend got there and he missed one, thru back in and landed a friskie male then another guy on my left missed one then landed a hen. we gut both of em and nothing in their stomachs. all total thru the day there was maybe 40 fishing and I saw about 10 landed and several misses. my buddy hook up to one on his fly but lost it then cast again and hooked up again. put up a nice fight and his 5wt was really bent. cause of his first time hooking with a fly he lost it in the end. did I get anything, NO. I fly fished and ran buss bombs the whole day.
will be back at it in the morning. not a lot of pinks in this school but I think next week we will get more action. that's it. tight lines
just got back from BP, must of been about 40 of us. all we saw was maybe 4 pinks landed. it was slow. I thru a lot of stuff at em and nothing. so on it goes. hope nekt week the big run will be there. tight lines.

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Bill Herzog of NW Wild Country said that he had 20 hook-ups around BP yesterday evening out in his boat. A couple of schools passed through at the time. I imagine it's kind of hit and miss this early in the season.
yep. yesterday was bad. hoping the big run will come this weekend.
ganglyangler, I generly fish fly only but I wanted to see what the gear would be like. didn't matter cause I didn't get any either way. my buddy got his 2 but didn't land em on a Pink turd with a short tail that I tied up. only had the one turd but will tie up some more to try next time. tight lines


Not to be confused with Freestone
Thanks for the report... I'm heading out tomorrow after work for the seasons inaugural attempt. I've not done so in years past, but was thinking about bringing my pontoon boat. I know of one launch access at Browns Point...any suggestions on good launch areas (not requiring long portage) around Commencement Bay?

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Not to worry. Reports from farther out West indicate that a second wave of Pinks is amassing for their assault eastward down the Strait.
Perhaps what you Salish anglers are now experiencing is only the advance scouting party.
freestone, looks like the launch area at BP at the light house is your best bet. watch where ya park. the sheriff was giving out tickets like crazy yesterday.
yep, it was just the scouting party. so the rest of the tribe should be coming down the road real soon. pinks on, tight lines.
went out to BP yesterday, got there at 4 am. was in the water about 4:30 and here comes the sherrif and his deputy. who's blue car is by the gate. our's I said why, I am going to impound it. why. you can't park there at this time, did ya see the sign. no, it's dark out here. also ya get be here at this time. the owners who live here are calling. so we sweet talk him into not taking the car and giving everybody tickets for trespassing. hmm, nice guy.
ok on with the fishing. people started to come in at 5:30. we start throwing, about 8 am my buddy says I want to try you fly pole. ok, have fun. I am taking a break. 3 cast and bang. I watch, better not lose this one like last week. yeah, on the beach she comes. about 4lbs. his first fish landed on a fly pole, but I got to eat it. nice dinner for my wife and I.
I use a 7# NIWF7F with a 5ft 10 lb leader with a pink turd on a #4 straight shank an eye hook. It was the same type fly he used last week when he lost 2 pinks on his 5# pole. my pole is an old 1973 Dawia 8ft. now he wants it. don't think so. I have caught too many fish on it and it's my baby.
fish caught: maybe around 10 I think. it was somewhat slow. will be back next week. maybe the run will be in. dang, I owe my buddy a fish. well that's it for now.
If your going to BP, read the signs for parking and entry times. don't get caught on the beach before those times. the sherrif is a watchin and he said he can arrest for trespassing. tight lines.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Yeah, yesterday there was a letter to the editor in the Tacoma News Tribune addressing this issue. Here's a copy/paste:

Every other year, a million pink salmon enter Puget Sound and run smack into Browns Point. Hundreds of fishermen also head there to catch them.
Up to now, they have been able to park along the streets wherever they could. This year someone decided to disallow parking on the streets. Fishermen are being told they have to park with both wheels off the pavement. That equates to “no fishing.”
Residents have constructed barriers preventing fishermen from parking legally off the road, so police are ticketing cars. Recently my 11-year-old son and I were able to find a spot in Lighthouse Park, but that won’t be nearly enough parking when the real run hits later this month.
Browns Point residents should know that when my son and I fish there, we stop at the store to buy ice and snacks. After fishing we eat at the diner on the corner. We donate change for the lighthouse’s upkeep. Once I helped a local start his car.
Yes, parking is a biennial inconvenience for residents, but fishermen are good for the local economy. In addition, the state bends over backwards to make sure tribes get access to their “traditional” fishing spots, even if it means transiting across private property.
Well, nontribal fishermen are entitled to 50 percent of the fish, too. All we ask is a place to park. This new parking enforcement is unfair. Let’s fix the problem, add parking at the park and elsewhere. Share the beach, Browns Point residents.
The problem out there is all the trash and crap left behind by the hords that show up, not the locals being stingy with their land. (I know its not your words Dipnet, just using your post for reference) I grew up out there well before the pink populatirty turned it into a s#!t-show every other year. It grosses me out to go back there now during the pink run and see the messes left behind. Put yourselfs in those homeowners shoes, or the cops shoes. Would you want to deal with that every day for a month? I sure wouldn't...
so far from what I seen and tops of about 50 fishermen and ladies, I saw no trash. I don't know what it will be like with the masses on the beach. you can only now fish in the light house area and not down north of the LH and park. can you see 300 fishing in that little spot. wow, what a nightmare.
I have not seen a no parking sign on the side streets so how can they enforce that without the signs? well they are doing it and giving tickets out and they said they will arrest you if on private property. would like to see how they will take over 100 people out. that should be fun to watch. oh well, tight lines out there. try and have fun.
Outlaw :eek:
yes, we did see some last Sat. that's why we parked at the gate but didn't see the sign that says no parking or entry till 5:30 I beleave that's what it says. the week before there were no signs on the side streets and they were giving out tickets. so this week we are going to park in a different spot that's ok and walk in a couple of blocks. oh well, no big deal and I don't think there will a big crowd as the pinks haven't come in yet so it will be spotty again but I need the practice anyways. my casting sucks. lol. tight lines

Can I ask a question. Let's say I do find a legal parking spot, are there areas along the shoreline that are considered privite property? or am I stuck within the confines of the lighthouse park area?