Fly lapel 4 wedding

Just found out my daughter wants fly lapels for her wedding. Bought the pins and now i need suggestions 4 a pattern to tie on the pins. I am an average fly tier, but no Atlantic salmon patterns (wedding is in 2 weeks). Any suggestions? Thanks for ur help


I say tie something in their wedding accent color. Maybe a Royal Wulff style where the floss is their color?
Good idea. But instead of the Wulff style, go with a streamer style. The hair wings of the Wulff style would stick out too much for a pin.

Otherwise, I'd go with some basic streamer design... something you feel comfortable tying and uses bright materials. You can make something up and no one would know the difference.. nor care.
Go with streamer as suggested, in colors of the wedding party...if the pins are long enough, if not go with a winged wet fly with goose shoulder wings. Simple to form and easy to tie on.

simple saddle hackles, floss and tinsel will get the job done. not expensive at all
What size are the pins??
My daughter got the hooks here:

The hooks are size 1. Found out the wedding colors are 3 shades of green - teal, sage, and aqua. Not much help there. Thanks for the advice - streamer is a good idea

I suggest taking the predominant color of those three and mixing it with white.

White floss body, ribbed with gold tinsel.
"green hackle wing, with Silver pheasant shoulders, and perhaps some kingfisher cheeks.

The other alternative is to get some goose shoulder, dye it the three colors, and marry them with white.
My daughter and future son-in-law today decided on a Popsicle fly made popular by George Cook. That is ok with me as, although I have never tied one before, it looks like a basic tie. Thanks 2 everyone who chimed in with advice and help.
Son-in-law chose a stimulator but we changed the tail and wing to white buck tail instead of deer/elk hair so the lapel could be seen easier on a gray tuxedo. Hope another member can use the idea when it's their turn 4 a wedding