FS Gaelic Supreme Hooks Large sizes and dees

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6 packs of hooks. Not all full

3 packs of 5/0 dees - 2 complete packs (6 hooks per) 1 pack with 2 hooks - total = 14 hooks

1 pack 3/0 dees 4/6 hooks in it

1 pack 8/0 HB 4/6 hooks

1 pack 6/0 HB 9/12 hooks

Total number of hooks = 31

these retail for $15 per 6 Total retail value is ~US$115

Yours for $70 shipped, $75 shipped to Canada

Bear in mind GS are no longer in operation. These hooks are nice starter hooks for those getting into classic fly tying. I've moved on to reshaping my own hooks and buying higher end stuff, so these are surplus to requirements.

First i'll take them gets them



Indi "Ira" Jones
Ahh bummer ;) I was hoping to tie up one of those low profile swingers for the August Salon. Guess I'll go with a size 12 scud hook instead.
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