Great Nephews got a few pinks

No we deck loaded twice in one day in 89, it's amazing how many whiny peeholes come out the woodwork when you post a photo of people making a living in AK
Unlike WA Alaska fisheries pretty much have their plan together, we fish alongside with Natives as equals. Any runs they are worried about they shut it down fast. And where did everyone think canned salmon came from Safeway shittin it out their Ass?


the sultan of swing
As a former s.e. gillnetter,I got to say thats a nice seine stack job & a nice deck load of humpies. But I'd really like to see a picture of a deck load of sockeye!!!!

Jeff Dodd

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I must be remembering this wrong, I thought Pink Salmon in AK returned on even years. No?

I know these fishbare canned, but do they sell any for fresh or other?

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