Report: MA10 8/3

First salmon on a fly rod. An injured pink but I'll take it. She still had a good fight in her and she took off as soon as I released her. Should I be ashamed since it was injured? Or proud because the seal couldn't even land this one?

First one on the beach this morning at 6am. Fish on at 6:02. The crowds quickly began showing up but it was dead after that except a few flounder and sculpin. Off the water at 9am.

Fished MA9 last night and saw some rollers but no luck. Glad the persistence paid off this morning.



The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
With over 6 million humpies predicted for Puget Sound I would've had that fish in the smoker or on the barbie as soon as I got home!

Just my 2ยข!

Jack Devlin

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Kind of looks like a Silver to me, too???? Hard to tell from photo.
Anyway, nice going on your first. There will be many more.
I don't know your reasons for releasing the fish but I think you did a good thing. I think your first Salmon on a fly is a special occasion. Its nice to show the fish a little love and respect especially after what it looks like it has been through.
I was leaning Coho but didn't want to get ripped up by the salty old timers here claiming a Coho when I had a pink ;). It did look clipped but had enough of a fin I couldn't swear by it. My identification card was pretty useless. Large black spots: pink. Almost no teeth: pink. Very few spots on tail: coho. Bottom fins looked: coho. Adrenaline for first salmon: whatever. Posting to a public forum: pink ;)

It is the first salmon I have ever caught on my own and I did it a month after I picked up my first fly rod so I'll take it. A good buddy got me a fly rod after Iraq and it has sat collecting dust for 4 years. He was right though. It was the therapy I needed!

Back on the beach in a few hours. Thanks for the encouragement!
Andrew, good job. It is good therapy, glad ya got back. I am a Nam vet, know how ya feel.
my buddy got his first pink on a fly yesterday at Browns Point, using my fly pole, what a hoot.