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what's next? Compressed hemp for ammo? actually that might work. Tax the ammo and tax the marijuana . Double the revenue for the state double the fun.

I always recycle my ammo when I shoot it. Express delivery Right back into mother earth's bosom from whence it came. Cheaper and little dangerous carbon footprint than when I waste carbon rich gas to bring bottles and cans to the local recycle center.

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....eliminating 3600+ metric tons of lead..... I guess that will make more available to the cast bullet shooters.:) We can't say the "N" word and soon Pb will be stricken from the periodic tables.


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Copper is a bit less malleable than lead. I wonder how it treats barrel rifling.

Copper, like lead, is one of the heavy metals. I think copper costs more than lead. In either case, both are worth mining from shooting ranges for recycling and re-use.
Thanks I know- was joking
I figured you did, but I felt compelled to say something because it's one of those stereotypes/misnomers/misinformation/confusion things that is omnipresent and prevents us from taking hemp seriously as an agricultural crop, which we really should IMO. (And unfortunately I-502 did nothing to address this.) Coincidently, there's a lot of this same thing in the national gun conversation--a eager willingness and/or laziness of people--particularly on the left, from what I see, but I'm sure it happens on both sides--to lump things together and make generalizations that make it harder to have an articulate conversation about what's actually going on.