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Congrats on your first salmon on the fly. Nice fish and fly.
Just a suggestion, consider using a non slip loop knot when using clousers or other weighted patterns for salmon. You'll get a better jiggy action on your fly using a loop knot.


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Great feeling isn't it. I got my first last year and I can still remember the rush. Was it on a fly you tyed? I got my first one this year on a fly of my own design and tyed myself. Rush number two. Hope you get many more.


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Thanks for the suggestion on the non slip loop knot. I'll give it at try. Kinda crazy but yes, I tied that fly and the fish took it. Guess that's what make it fun.
I too caught my first salmon on a fly on Saturday (actually two) just North of BP. Went back yesterday and landed six pinks in two hours, four of which I took home. What a blast! They'll be smoking this evening. I only saw three other fish landed and one fish on in that time amongst many traditional gear fisherman throwing buzz bombs. I also caught mine on a fly I tied. Maybe a bit more complicated than it needed to be, but the fish didn't seem to mind!



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Hey Stonefish, is this how you tie your loop knot?

I looked up several on YouTube and saw about 5 different versions for attaching a fly with a loop-knot.


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I use what is called the Leftys loop. If it is named after a guy the always cast with his tongue sticking it can't be bad. Like I've said I'm not the expert but this one works for me


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If you struggle with loop knot a fool proof, strong one is to just make a circle on your line, pull the other end thru (so your fly is now dangling below this circle with the tag end thru it), then just a 3-4 turn clinch knot using the circle as your base. Joe from pacific Fly Fishers does this for the thousands of steelhead he has caught. Saw it on YouTube. I'll find the link in a bit cuz I'm sure my description sucks.

Edit: its the same as the youtube video above. Its super easy to tie.


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Thanks for th e reports and links to knots fellas
That's a sweet fly Numbst

So they are the same knot until the last placement of the tag end
Now I have 2 chances of tying a decent knot when it gets dark or i lose my readers