Hey Ive...

Hey Ive, I'm likely gonna be in the area this week, hows the Leo crappie fishing these days. I've heard they're down here but I ain't seen any yet, and thats one thing I miss is Crappie fishing. This summer warmed everything up so fast that the fishing around here is real slow. Last week I caught a bluegill full of eggs.


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TB, to tell the truth I haven't fished it this year. I was so pissed that they let a good cutthroat/brookie lake get over run with panfish then had the temerity to charge me $5.00 to park there that I haven't gone back. SpokaneFisherman went there with his daughter earlier this year though and said they did quite well on crappies.
My wife said she would take $100 out of her purse and give me if I would just quit bitchin about it and go fishing-20 times! But after a Montana license, an Idaho license, a reservation annual permit, a Discover Pass, my WDFG pass, my Golden Passport pass, my two rod permit with my Washington license I am about to pass out. However, if you get over this way to fish it, drop me a PM and I'll hustle my pram up there some evening and join you. I'll be getting home late on Wed but any other evening will work out just fine. I have been primarily fishing the Pend Oreille below Box Canyon this summer. It is about 12 minutes from my house, has an early sunset due to the canyon and has a tremendous smallmouth population. Plus I am usually the only guy there so I don't have to worry about some cretin low holing me. It is a great way to spend a hot summer evening standing in cool water catching feisty smallies.



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Obummer, huh? If you want to discuss bummers take a look at the accomplishments of our current presidents predecessor. Now that didn't take long, did it?
The real bummer was two unnecessary wars that cost the lives of about 3,000 of our best and bravest with 10 times that many maimed, blinded, crippled or mentally destroyed, a housing market destroyed by lack of scrutiny of our corrupt banking system, a trillion dollars loss of wealth and savings by people who had worked their asses off to achieve some security, total failure to respond to the people of New Orleans in their time of need(Good Job, Brownie!), declaring Mission Accomplished a few months into a war that lasted a decade, the worst recession in 70 years with more joblessness than anytime since the Great Depression. The list goes on but these are just some of the lowlights. When GWB finally got on that helicopter and headed back to Texas this country was in the worst shape I have ever seen it in and I have been around since FDR's second term.

I understand partisan politics-it has been around since the founding fathers. But when your guy shits in the punch bowl then wipes his ass with your money at least own up to it.

And by the way, we got our bridge fixed last year.

I don't disagree with you on the political side. I think GWB could have done a lot better, and expected him to, but lets not forget the Democrats controlled the congress during his, his dads, and Clintons terms. I don't believe our situation is a party problem anyway, its a people problem. We the people, have collectively lowered our standards, and forgotten what integrity and character mean.
Thanks for pointing that out, I was wondering how to research it better and figured if I mouthed off someone would have something. I don't believe we're digging out at all, not even trying to, in fact things are set up now to crumble worse than the housing bubble.
Many mistakes have been made and many lives lost and/or wounded, hopefully we can get some relief with the next commander in chief. Is this crappi conversation about WA? im from oklahoma and would love to get into some crappi.