area 11 ?

Just curious if anybody has been getting any pinks from the westside in area 11? Thinking about trying there or heading up north to area 9. Just wondering if its worth it to stay local.

High Flyin

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Yes, there are a few around. Not seeing much on the resizes like normal years. We did get a king in area 11 (with gear) last night but it is still fairly slow. I would recommend making the drive to a area 10 beach and spend the extra time doing that. Best of luck.


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I fished West 11 over the weekend. It seemed a little slow based on my experience and the other anglers I saw out there. Saw a few fish but not a ton of action, one pink LDR near the end of my rod for me. I'm thinking heading north is worth it.
my buddy and I have fished Browns point the last 2 weekends. we got 1 to take home. plost 2 last weekend. have prob seen about 30 or less pinks caught out of a total of about 90 fishermen. not good. the largest about 6lb and a male. got fight. will be back Sun. this week, no reports of any of the big herd comin in. tight lines.