Will these flies work for pinks/coho?

Thomas Williams

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I've never fished the sound and tomoro will be my first time. All I know is pink is good. So just kept it simple with some clousers. Added flash and angel hair, so what do you think will they work tomoro or should I try another pattern. Any suggestions? Photos of yours?
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Chris Bellows

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my advice....

more lead-eyes ... less bead chain eyes (ignore if i am seeing bead chains in the photo and you're using different eyes) ... and longer flash (1/2-1" past material)

otherwise they look great and will catch fish.
What wrong with bead chain eyes I uses for coho and pinks for years and they work great. Also for Pinks I might shorten the flies up to be length of shrimp but otherwise flies will work great.


Bead chains work. But, when a person who has made a living at this game gives tying advice..... I'm going to listen.

Barbells and longer flash it is!

Chris Bellows

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imo, lead eyes give the fly better action. i use bead chains when i am fishing shallower water or need to keep the fly nearer to the surface with a slower retrieve.

i also find that lead eyes act as a better keel than bead chains and the fly rides exactly how i want it to.

both work, but if i'm gonna use a weighted fly... i might as well get as much action as possible from them... especially with a flashtail where the action at the front of the fly imparts action to the trailing flash.


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Everything including myself would devour these tasty flies except for PINK's and COHO's. Just Kiddin, these will perform extremely well. Good Luck out there.

I like using bead eye chains for small clouser patterns and cast great on floating, clear intermediate or full sink line.

Thomas Williams

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They are lead eyes. I chucked em hard today but no tugs. The next set will have trailer hooks. They had great action in the water but I would agree more flash is in order.


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My favorite weight for clousers eyes are 5/32. I like the to use Real Eyes when fishing off the beaches. They don't break in half like the lead eyes will if you ding your fly on your back cast. They also come in a variety of colors.
Out of a boat the lead eyes work great.

On other thing that will help with the durability of your beach clousers if tying with bucktail. Tie the bucktail in behind the eyes rather then over them. You won't have to deal with the bucktail over the eyes splitting.



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I am fishing a RIO outbound short intermediate. and with lead eyes at the north area beaches, I get snagged up too much. have gone to bead chain on some flies to keep them up off bottom. use the lead eyed flies on good tidal/current flow. also have trouble casting the flies with heavy heads (cone head etc).
With all the fishing out of a boat I've been doing I agree with Chris. But for the beach I can definitely see the need for various eyes with various weights