Custom made raft rod holder


I hope she likes whitefish
So, I've been geeking out on my new raft and coming up with all kinds of things it just can't live without and after 1 day on the water with it, I discovered it needs a rod holder. Did some internet research, saw some pictures, posts, etc. and decided to make a move. I headed for home depot. Here's what I picked up:
1. 1 4" diameter X 10' white PVC pipe
2. 1 container of ball bungie cords
3. 2 tie downs
4. 1 rubber end cap and hose clamp
5. 2 cans of spray on plasti-dip

I cut the notch high enough up to accommodate a spey rod bottom handle and plasti-dipped the entire thing including the inside of the trough to protect the reels from getting banged up. I used the bungie cords to secure the rods and hold them down in case of something happening that might bounce them out. I think it turned out well. The plasti-dip doesn't look like it'll last long, but at least it's not bright white with black PVC lettering all over it now. Time will tell how well it will stand up.

My only big concern is, that the tube is 10' long and most spey rods are at least 12'6" which means there significant hang out. I'm thinking of adding a coupler that can be removed along with an additional piece of PVC for those trips that require the extra protection to a spey rod, but am open to other ideas.


The coupler you need is called a 'fernco'. They're thicker and stiffer in deflection that the 'no-hub' plumbing couplers you'll find at Home Depot.

If the fernco isn't tough enough for you get what's called a 'mission coupler'. It's essentially a fernco with a stainless band around it, and much much stiffer, allowing minimal deflection between pipes being connected. If I were ever worried about the boat flipping, or jamming the rod holder into a rock, etc. I'd spring for the mission coupler.
If you go that route give United Pipe& Supply Co. in Union gap a call. Usually you need an pipe O.D. to get an accurate price/to ensure the best fit, and it looks like you've got schedule 40 pipe to me, but the wall thickness looks a bit thin, so I'm not 100% sure.