Floatant whats the best

Greg Armstrong

I remember those little "hour glass" bottles of floatant too, Jim.

I do think you are correct that it was Garcia.

I wonder what it was they put in there.

Brian Miller

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This is an old time concoction with some history, and it works. Mix some white gas with paraffin and keep it in a little bottle that you can dunk the fly in. False cast to dry your offering, and cast away. Just stay away from the campfire with the stuff and you'll be cool...
This stuff works significantly better than the Loon product and whatever my Yakima guide was using recently. Close the cap on the bottle, use some of the excess wax on the fly to coat the tippet, swing the fly around in a small circle for a few seconds and the white gas is pretty much evaporated.

Finally, I keep a rubber band girth-hitched to my lanyard & chest pack as a fly dryer. Hook the fly on the rubber band, hold the tippet snug, stretch the rubber band with the other hand a little and flick. The excess wax is gone and/or the fly is instantly dry. I'll bet if $imms knew about it they would sell you one for $50.

Kyle Smith

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I used to use Aquel, and it's great stuff. But I just switched to Kingfisher Fly Shop's Gink, because they will refill my bottle for $1.00. It works almost as good as Aquel (just like Gink!).

Eric Denny

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On a related note, I ran across this vid of a nifty fly drying technique.
Too expensive for some I suppose.
Just a question do you speak spanish? I mean I was able to watch the video and figure everything out but I was wondering how you ever found this to begin with if you don't speak spanish? It just had me thinking of how much else we miss do to language barrier's when it comes to the sport we love, But GREAT Video I wish I would have seen this before I spend money on a due dad to try and dry my flies this looks like it will work just as good and would cost a hole lot less.

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
This has been making the rounds as of late so my apologies if you are seeing this for the second or third time.

So any one besides the guy in the video give it a shot? It looked like it was ok bit what is the price difference in the two methods? Because the gink didn't look bad in the test. So if one costed half the price it would be the choice.

Lex Story

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I've been applying to my fly materials. You can purchase it at Home Depot for about $20. One kit can treat approx 15 sq ft. Works very well from what I've experienced so far. I never need to dry my flies afterward.