I have a 1973 Daiwa 8' #7. do the new lines work ok on this or do I need to put on larger guides? someone said the new lines are thicker then the older ones and you need to go to larger guides. I really like this rod and have no problem re-doing it. thanks for any info.

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
New lines will work just fine. Some of the rods I use are from the 1940's and 50's. The guides are sized for silk lines which are much smaller in diameter but I use modern lines on them all. Its not a problem.



Joe Streamer
As far as fitting though guides, the fatter modern plastic lines will be 100% fine.

Choosing a line taper is trickier. In my experience, glass and cane rods usually (though not always) work best with a line that has a long front taper. Examples include Rio LT and Wulff TT. Those are what I use on nearly all of my glass rods. On the other hand, I've had trouble finding a smooth groove with lines that taper aggressively from the tip to the fattest part of the belly, which includes most of the lines made for fast action rods today.
the reason I ask is back in the 70's I always used a #7DTF and never had a problem with casting. on a good day 60' was nothing but most days 30 to 40 were better. I haven't fly fished since 1976 and now I am back to it. with the same pole and real I got a new improved weight forward 7f from a guy in England that he developed but for the life of me I can't cast worth crap with it. maybe I should go back to a DT7F if the new lines don't matter with this pole. thanks all for your answers. tight lines.
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