Fling and Swing


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Did the "Fling and Swing" thing yesterday with Mike Sturza, chief guide and owner of Lost Creek Fly Shop in Onalaska, WA. This was a nutty, crazy, arm-wearying trip!

We hit Mayfield Lake for Tiger Muskies at 8AM armed with 10wt rods, intermediate lines and 8" flies. We had at least 20 follows, looks, and turnaways. And I thought permit were persnickety! Mike finally hooked one of about 40" but lost it as he was derricking it out of the weeds. I have never seen fish follow a fly, stop at the boat, peer at the fly, roll to the side and look up at us, then give us the fin and drop down out of sight!

By 3PM, we were swinging flies on speyrods to steelhead on the nearby Cowlitz River - from fish you can see that don't eat to fish you can't see that eat! I hooked and lost one in the first run and landed an 8lb "recycled" and tagged brat. Say what you will about hatchery steelhead, this fish put on a wild high-flying aerial show before heading to the smoker