Potholes Canal / Lakes


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Just finished reading an article on the fishing in this system. It seems this may not be the prime time to be fishing these waters. I have some time off work, though, and was thinking about heading over to at least investigate...and hopefully fish. If I decide to go, I'll be tubing. Looking specifically at Pillar, Long and Crescent lakes. If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear em'. That includes, "Don't bother...algae bloom has made fishing difficult to impossible".

zen leecher aka bill w

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Pillar may be on tap for a rehab this fall. The Hamptons are along with the upper chain of lakes. I think Pillar is one of those. The other two lakes aren't on any rehab schedules as they are mixed species lake. I've always wanted to fish Long but never have had the time.


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Bill, I just checked a map. I was thinking Pillar was the first lake in the chain that has the canal running into and out of it...but Soda is actually the first, with Pillar next. I don't know how they would go about killing off any of these in the chain without risking the others below it?
Long does look interesting. I'm having visions of bass and walleye latching onto my streamers....if it's fishable. Always wanted to catch a walleye on a fly.

Jim Ficklin

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Soda used to be great for perch thru the ice in winter, crappie & lake whitefish in the spring, plus the occasional bass or walleye. haven't fished it in years.