Pass Lake eagle makes the news...

Thomas Williams

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That eagle has swooped down on me a few times. The last time I tried to let him take the fish but he gave up too fast. I like the eagle he's pretty cool. You don't realize how big he is until he's right on top of you.

Thomas Williams

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Ok it seems from the story that the news and local wildlife officers don't realize that the eagle does that all day. Do they not realize the guy is fly fishing and the eagle stole his fish and not being baited? Strange, I hope he doesn't get in trouble


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I'm interested to see how this turns out. If he did it purposefully then charges are granted, but if he was reeling in a legitimately caught fish and the eagle just swooped down and grabbed it (sounds like its common on Pass Lake) then I think he could simply explain that and it's no big deal.

The media has a tendency to present one sided stories that are deemed 'news worthy' (what a joke), and I have not seen the whole video to make a judgment call myself. Let's hope people don't jump to conclusions about this guy before all of the evidence is presented. That could just as easily been anyone else fishing Pass Lake who just hooked up (and whose wife was filming....hmmmmm...that could be incriminating).


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Sounds like this could go long. Do you prefer the big yellow popcorn or the smaller white stuff? I'm partial to the delicate white product the Amish sell that has no hulls.......



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This happens all the time at Merrill Lake. It's very common for anglers to take pictures/videos of the eagle trying to take their fish. If you hook a fish and the eagles around, you know what is going to happen next. The eagle is going to dive bomb you and try and take your fish.
So if I know this is going to happen, am I purposely 'Eagle Baiting'?

The whole thing is being blown way the hell out of proportion!

I really think the eagle should be cited for harassing fisherman RCW 77.15.210-

Obstructing the taking of fish, shellfish, or wildlife — Penalty.

(1) A person is guilty of obstructing the taking of fish[, shellfish,] or wildlife if the person:

(a) Harasses, drives, or disturbs fish, shellfish, or wildlife with the intent of disrupting lawful pursuit or taking thereof; or

Gregg Lundgren

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Tony slowly hauls in the fish, while his female companion proclaims, "now where is the eagle(for the video)?" I just had to watch it again. It now seems rather obvious to me.

Thomas Williams

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I had no audio when I watched it on my phone so I didnt here that comment, but still id let the eagle eat the fish. Not to bait the eagle but to let him eat.


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The guy's wife's commentary definitely gives it away. If it is litigated, I have to imagine it'd be hard to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that he was intending to get the eagle to grab it, especially since he took his net out. Maybe somebody on here will get to testify as a Pass Lake trout expert. "In your opinion, given that Exhibit A is marked as a 5 weight fly fishing rod, the mid-day summer sun is clearly seen in the video, and the size and species of this trout, was the defendant making a reasonable effort to land this trout?"