A online interview with Ray Gould, local bamboo rod maker

I wanted to let you all know that a local bamboo rod maker and author, Ray Gould is going to be the guest on an internet talk show Wednesday night. You can also listen to the show on a delayed basis if you like. Here is the link and the announcement


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Dear Mike,

Our next show - Building Bamboo Fly Rods

Ray Gould has been building bamboo fly rods since 1958.

Join us to hear this master rod builder talk about the machines and tools necessary, selecting cane, creating precise tapers, step-by-step construction, finishing steps, and many more tips on building bamboo rods.

Go to his 'ASK' page using the link below and ask him a question...


Tune in, Wednesday August 21st to hear his answers...

6:00 PM Pacific

7:00 PM Mountain

8:00 PM Central

9:00 PM Eastern

To access the show using the Internet just visit our home page at the time of the show and you'll see the red link 'Listen to the LIVE Show',just click on this link to launch our media player and listen to the broadcast.


One click and you're listening in LIVE.

Thanks, we hope you enjoy the show!

D. Roger Maves

Cool, thanks Mike I'll check it out! Ray came to an Overlake Fly Club meeting a couple of years back, great presentation with lots of info. I bought a couple of his books there too. Real good guy!