I need Oar's!!

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
I have a 9ft one man pontoon boat and one of the oars got broke looking to see if any one knows where I can get some. They are 6ft long oar's. Thanks and if you have some pm me.


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Eric, I remember seeing some at Elephant Boys (next to the valley White Elephant) at a decent price. If I remember right, they were 2 pc. aluminum at about $35 each but you would need oar
stops as well.
If you plan on buying a pair you might want to look at 7' especially if you plan on using them in moving water.
If you're looking to just replace the broken one you might try the boat manufacturer for help.

Dan Nelson

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FYI: For anyone else looking (Eric said he didn't want my 7' footers) here's a set I have available:

I've got pair of 7-foot two-piece SST oars from Sawyer that I no longer need. Rope-wrapped. Great for pontoons and small rafts. They'll give you a little longer reach and a deeper 'bite' on the water when rowing than your old 6 footers. I used them on a Scadden Assault XXX until I added a frame to the raft. With the new frame and higher rowing position, I need 8.5' sticks.

I paid $300 for the pair, with blades. I'm willing to let them go for $200 if picked up.


Oars are yellow with black rope-wrap.