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Burkheimer 9' 5 wt - DAL (deep loading action)
- Lemke/Snake brand reel seat
- Snake brand universal guides and tip top
- Struble flor grade cork
Dark green wraps with 2 turns of gold metallic

Only had a chance to cast it a couple of times this afternoon. Very nice smooth casting rod. First Burkie I was able to cast.


Steve you have to let me cast this. I need to know what the Burkie legend/lore/magic is all about.
Plus it just looks great. GREAT choice on the real seat and spacer.
I want to see this rod!

Richard E

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What grip brand did you use? I have a 490 LL blank that deserves quality components like you used...

You did a wonderful, quality job on this rod.


^ me and Bridger
B eautiful - really as good as it gets. That reel seat hardware is stunning. I wish I had your skill. My builds look like they were done with a hershey bar and a brick.
Did you buy the blank from Burkheimer themselves? They don't list blanks on their website. I am thinking about building a rod this winter, probably a 5 weight, and that is an interesting option there. Beautiful job on it LD.