First flat wings

DEESTROYED! The Rhody is a killer pattern! Here were my concerns, seemed long short strikes might be a concern? Need a stinget? NO WAY. These fish were pull the line out of your stripping hand full tilt committed. Wow, I think I'll tie some more.
I'll take an 18 inch cut over a pink any day.
Nice Cutthroat, Tony.
Don't be concerned about short strikes with flat wings. SSP (short strike paranoia) is quite common in our area. Don't think about it. Today, for example, I fished flatwings for cutts. I had three strikes and landed three fish. I can assure you, not one of those sculpins short struck.:)
Let me know Jeff it would be great to fish a beach with you I was over on Whidbey in 78. If were lucky Jack will be around. Are you using real jungle chock eyes? I picked up the fake ones, but think Its time to pay for a partial cape

Jeff Dodd

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Sounds good. I'll use plastic JK eyes on this first fly. My jungle cock supply is small.

I need to get over fairly soon. Bob Triggs is kind enough to store my lost/found stripping basket. I owe him and also hope to fit in a spey casting lesson! Maybe mid to late September?