Help identify this baitfish?

A coho I caught this past weekend underwent the usual search of the stomach to see if and what it had been eating. When I cut into the stomach I thought I had found a sculpin from the tail, but it kept getting longer and longer as I pulled it out, and I ended up with this fish that was close to 8" . Anyone know what it is? (the pic didn't turn out great, but it's all I got). There were some tiny spikes left from what must have been a long fin along the dorsal before it underwent partial digestion.
Sweet, thanks.
Kcahill, the coho was around 22 or 23", the baitfish certainly seemed like it would have been a little big for that fish to eat, but it was still willing to take a fly, so it must have been doing alright!


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Perhaps these are more of a food source for coho then thought.
There was a snake prickleback in a coho I cleaned this morning.