Black is the new pink

Pat Lat

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Hit up an MA11 beach looking for pinks today, threw on the pink comet like I have been the past few weeks and on the third cast this little hatchery blackmouth inhaled it and took off. It didn't roll around in the surf like the pinks Ive caught do. it headed for deep water taking me into the backing for a bit. When I got it to the beach I could see the fly was deep and it was bleeding pretty bad and since it was over 22 (barely) I took it home and prepared my first fly caught chinook for dinner.
I definitely was not targeting blackmouth, whatever that really means, so it just goes to show that you really just have to put your time in and they will come eventually. Now I just need to catch a real King.



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Commonly the term blackmouth are immature "feeder" Chinook while king is used for mature adult fish in their last year of life that are beginning (or completing their spawning migration). It can get a bit more confusing on the ocean feeding grounds where there a mixture of sizes and maturity (some of the "blackmouth" can be older/larger than the mature "king").

Pat - congrats on a great beach catch which by the way is a mature Chinook -aka a "king". Though to be fair it would commonly called a Jack Chinook - a male fish that matured a year early. Besides the obvious difference in maturity (presences of maturing gonads) the blackmouth typically have purple hue to them with scales that are still loose and easily shed. The maturing Chinook have lost the purple hue of the blackmouth as they begin developing their spawning coloration (often taking on a slight bronze hue by this time of year hear in the Sound) and the scales have become embedded (the skin covering on each scale has shrunk resulting in "tight" scales).

Your fish should have been a male that was wonderful on the grill.

Hmmmm? I tied up some pink comets a couple of weeks ago after Hans Weilenman posted a picture and directions of a similar fly on the tying forum. I wonder? It was called a "Crazy Comet."

Pat Lat

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Yeah its the RW ambush line. Its a 235 grain 6wt line with the 14ft int poly leader. My 7wt shoots it like a rifle.
I got that fish after showing up late (7am), stealing my buddys stripping basket off the beach, and walking up beside his buzz bombing ass and making a few casts. (all buzz bombers in this post will remain nameless to protect their ego)