WTB 2 wt reel

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I just got a 2wt rod and I am looking for a good reel under 100. preferably black. if you have any offers I can work on the price a little. thanks
How about a ross vexis 1.5 ....it is like new.
Only a couple of days on the water.... $125 and I will pay for shipping.
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Battenkill is decent for its price and it's just about 100 bucks

I use a sage click on my 2wt which is a little out of your price point but it's built around the older sage 3100 reel. The click has been amazing so far. I'm not positive on the price but I think a used 3100 could be just what you're looking for. I think JesseC has one so maybe he can provide more insight on it.
looks like I am picking up the reel from freestoneangler on Wed. looking forward to getting my 2wt out on the water.. Thanks for all of the replies.
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