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Some hefty cutts spotted in MA10. This one was chasing bait when I casted to it, I thought for sure I was gonna have some coho fillets when it started doing a string of backflips. Then I got it near the beach and saw its profile. Textbook cutty look, not the silver little football I was expecting, I had the guy next to me verify it was a cutt before I grabbed the leader and snapped a shot of this beauty. So no dinner, but still a great catch. It fought harder than some of the pinks just not nearly as heavy on the lift but it put a decent bend in my 7. Just a reminder to make sure you have a salmon before beaching your catch, there are monsters lurking in the shallows. This one was pretty big, though I'm sure hes got buddies with a kype out there somewhere.

Pat Lat

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I guess I can see how you might say that based on the spotting pattern, but no worries I checked the mouth;)
cropped blackmouth.jpg

cutty (correction Coho)



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Pat -
While not the best picture to IDF the fish to my eye it is not a cutthroat and most likely a coho (aka dinner).


Pat Lat

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no way guys, I mean I hate to challenge some of our veterans of the salt, but there is way too much yellow on that fish and it was slender instead of girthy unlike a 20ish inch coho. Are you saying coho because of the lack of spots on the lower half? And Ive caught a few rezzies, the always seem to shed scales really easily. I didn't bother to look at the tail for 100% ID, but thats only because I've caught tons of cutties over the last few years of fishing the sound. Or maybe Ive been catching coho this whole time.:)
Can I get a second here?
Chameleon Cohoho.;)

PS Who cares. Really nice one, Pat. Next time look for the orange/red slash to be sure.
You will have even better fish karma next time for having put it back.:)